What we do

Drone Lyfe is a production company taking cinematography to new heights. Wether it's a music video, commercial, or video project just for fun, Drone Lyfe elevates creativity and awesomeness.

Invite Drone Lyfe to any location or event and showcase it from a completely new perspective. Or, hire a drone to shoot your private property, building, development, or any other project.

Drones enable affordable professional grade aerial photography and aerial video at a fraction of the cost of using traditional methods. Drones are also used for new commercial applications everyday. Tell us your idea, then UP UP and AWAY!

  • Professional Cinematography

  • Aerial Photography
  • Commercials/ Corporate Video 



Who we are

Kristopher Kneen

Kristopher is the San Francisco based, gadget loving, tech entrepreneur who decided to unite his dream of flight with his passion for cinematography creating Drone Lyfe.

His professional career began in San Francisco working for a Fortune 10 tech company while building custom drones in his SF apartment as a hobby. Kristopher now focused on the development of advanced drone systems for new commercial applications.

Mitch Surette

Mitch Surette is one of the bay area's top videographers and an aspiring entrepreneur. He has a passion for telling unique stories on film which is evident in his work.

Aside from his day job as a tech engineer at HP, Mitch spends his free time making music videos, filming concerts/events, making short films, and working on new creative movements around the city. 

our videos and photos can be found on national tv, newspapers, and websites.

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